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Sole Picasso with prawns and smoked salmon sauce

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Lenguado Picasso Popieta Lenguado Picasso Popieta

Picasso a name with capital letters, so this dish is a delight for the senses. Composed of fresh sole fillets rolled (popietas), with a delicious cocktail sauce with shrimp and smoked salmon. Served with jasmine rice and ginger flavors.

This dish highly demanded by our guests is usually the favorite among fish specialties on our menu.
A creamy pink sauce made with cream, pellatti tomato, basil and a hint of ginger with smoked heavy reduction and other species make this a creamy sauce but turn sueva texture that blends seamlessly with prawns and salmon Norwegian smoked.

Only at our restaurant in Maspalomas, Playa del Ingles


Recomendacion de vino: Disfrutelo acompañado de un buen vino blanco ó rosado:

  1. Penedez blanco a ser posible seco: Viña sol, Viña Esmeralda ó Rosado (torres de casta)
  2. Rioja: Diamante (aunque un poco afrutado)
  3. Canarias: Bermejo seco, el grifo seco
  4. Portugal e Italia: Los vinos con aguja tambien son recomendados para este tipo de platos; Lambrusco Rosatto, Casal Mendez
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