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Brocheta de pollo con salsa de mostaza Brocheta de pollo con salsa de mostaza

An Italian-Spanish specialty that is only offered at certain times a year recipe. Beef Tenderloin

top with a creamy sauce of mushrooms and mushroom gratin with parmesan cheese and a touch of Dijon mustard.IMG 2713

The sauce is made with different types of mushrooms, cream and truffle oil which gives it a special aroma and flavor.

This steak is not in the letter if you want to try say loa seen in the web and we gladly prepare.


  • Vino recomendado. Vinos con aroma y consistencia :
  • Rioja (Viña antaño crianza, Marques de Caceres )
  • Rivera del duero. (Protos, Lagrima negra cosecha)



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