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Pizza Calzone

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Pizza calzone Pizza calzone

Any Pizzeria Restaurant that is provided should be able to make a calzone, in Marco Polo Restaurant "Playa del English - Gran Canaria" will find the best pizza calzone the south of the island. With the best ingredients and with teachers who know how to make a really calzone!!!


Many restaurants have NOT Pizza calzone, why? for this pizza really one of the most important requirements is the availability of proper mass. Just why today there are many false pizzerias do not offer the possibility of making pizza calzone, because the mass of them is pre-cooked or purchased from third parties. If you want to know if a restaurant has homemade pizzas, order a pizza calzone and leave doubts.

In Marco Polo Restaurant know how to manufacture it, and they are delicious. You can choose any ingredient we will make the pizza you want, Calzone format.

Refuse imitations try our pizza calzone.

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